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Fat loss pre-workout supplement

Alpha Lion Burn is a dynamic 2-in-1 formula that is equal parts powerful pre-workout and intense fat burner.

The revolutionary product that takes our top selling, award winning SuperHuman Pre Workout that’s trusted by over 300,000 men and women…And combines it with NEW fat burning ingredients into one never-before-done formula… 500MG MITOBURN™, 100MG COCOABUTEROL®, 100MG ADVANTRA Z® and 40MG CALORIBURN™.

Therefore, you’re essentially getting two innovative supplements for the price of one! Burn stubborn fat and build lean muscle mass at the same time. In a unique pre-workout experience like no other.


  • Maximize Training Intensity†
  • Melt & Convert Fat†
  • Accelerate Results†
  • Reduce Stubborn Fat†
  • Long-lasting Energy†
  • Burn More Calories†
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • Zero Fillers

Hulk Juice is a sour gummy bear flavor that gives you the strength to SMASH every workout.

Smurf Juice a delicious blue gummy bear flavor that’s as magical as the little blue creatures it was named after!

All Alpha Lion Supplements are 100% safe, tested, and made in the USA in an FDA and GMP certified facility. Click the app icons below to download our app and find out more.


  • Hulk Juice
  • Smurf Juice

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