Alpha Lion - Gut

Alpha Lion Gut Is Your SECRET WEAPON to leveling up your fitness.

Your Gut Health Is The Architect Of Your Health And Physique Progress!

SUPERHUMAN GUT is everything you need to optimise your gut health.

However, most gut health formulas focus solely on “probiotics”. Ignoring two major players that have a huge impact on your body’s performance.

But SuperHuman Gut is the first product that utilizes all three biotics to maximize gut health!

A powerful blend of patented ingredients including: digestive enzymes, probiotics, postbiotics, & absorption.

Above all, Alpha Lion Gut contains 1000 MG COREBIOME, 100 MG DIGEZYME, 100 MG LACTOSPORE, 75 MG PEPZIN GI and 75 MG ASTRAGIN. Sourced from the highest quality materials available.

Full Label Disclosure means you have the freedom to see EVERY ingredient that’s optimising your gut health!

Furthermore, All Alpha Lion products are formulated for men and women who want to enhance performance in and out of the gym. Made with some of the most premium and patented ingredients available. Lastly, You will never see our formula hidden behind a proprietary blend as 100% transparency with our customers is what we believe in. All our products are safe, tested, and made in an FDA and GMP certified facility.

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