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Alpha Lion - Post

Alpha Lion POST WORKOUT MUSCLE BUILDER uses max doses in the 3 perfect anabolic nutrients your body needs to fuel Post-Workout muscle growth.

The SCIENCE behind the perfect Tri-Fecta of Post-Workout muscle growth.

1. Leucine Stimulates Post-Workout Gains

Leucine is one of the most effective ways to reverse exercise-induced protein degradation in muscle.Furthermore, its shown to directly increase muscle protein synthesis and slow down muscle protein breakdown. Ultimately, promoting muscle growth by activating the nutrient-sensing molecule mTOR.

2. Betaine Stimulates Post-Workout Gains

Betaine increases cellular water retention through osmosis. The ability of betaine to maintain hydration reduces the negative impact that dehydration can have on exercise performance. Therefore, helps your muscles look fuller with more volume after your training session.

3. Creatine Increases Post-Workout Gains

Creatine monohydrate is one of the most researched muscle building supplements of all time. Several studies have shown the positive influence of creatine monohydrate supplementation on high-intensity exercise performance.Therefore, Creatine supplementation increases power output during intense exercises.

Furthermore, SUPERHUMAN POST utilizes 5 grams of the superior form of Creatine Monohydrate for increased muscle gains.

  • Fast Acting Post-Workout Muscle Builder†
  • Perfect TriFecta Of Science-Backed Ingredients†
  • Max doses of Creatine, Leucine, and Betaine Anhydrous†
  • Increases mTOR activity for several Hours†
  • Greater Post-Workout muscle protein synthesis†
  • Max Absorption with Added Astragin† 

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