Alpha Lion SuperHuman Greens


The fast and easy way to pack in  40+ superfoods to your diet daily †

  • Helps Fortify Your Digestive Health
  • Helps Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Healthy Greens That Actually Taste Delicious
  • Helps Improve Natural Energy


Alpha Lion SUPERHUMAN® Greens

Supercharge Your Diet w/ 40+ Delicious Superfoods.†

Superhuman Greens is the fast, easy way to electrify your diet with nutrient-dense foods often missing on a daily basis. 40+ superfoods in every delicious scoop help you feel revitalized from the inside out — all with only 1 gram of sugar. These greens taste so good you’ll probably scream “what the health?!”

  • Helps Improve and Fortify Your Digestive Health
  • 40+ Powerful Superfoods
  • All-Natural Immune System Booster
  • Fast + Easy Way To Supercharge Your Diet
  • Delicious Taste w/ Only 1g of Sugar
  • Low Temperature Processed


Superhuman Greens helps supercharge your diet with an all-star lineup that’s essentially the Avengers of superfoods. In every scoop, you’ll get the benefits of 6000 mg Grass and Greens Matrix, 2000 mg Carotenoid-Rich Vegetable Matrix, 1000 mg Fruits + Vegetable Matrix, 680 mg Probiotics & Enzymes Matrix, 500 mg Sprouts + Sea Vegetable Matrix, and 500 mg Cruciferous Vegetable Matrix.

These ingredients were specially selected to jolt your immune system and digestive health into action to fight free radicals and toxins.

Superhuman Greens also taste delicious with only 1 gram of sugar — making them super easy to incorporate into your daily diet without the dread and nose-plugging associated with other greens. Don’t go another day with an underperforming immune system + gut!

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