Earn rewards everytime you shop

You earn 1 Loyalty point for every €10 spent in benefit rewards on qualifying purchases every time you purchase online.

Registration happens automatically and is linked to your online profile from your very first purchase.

Our Loyalty Programme rewards you for every purchase you make through our online store!

For every €10 you spend online, you will earn 1 Loyalty point.

When you accumulate the following loyalty points you will be sent a discount code according to your points accumulated, should you not us the discount code your points will continue accumulating until the next level until you use your discount code provided, your points will be used to against your discount code.

Using your Loyalty Points

To receive a discount from your Loyalty points, you need to accumulate a minimum of 250 points in your account. Once the following Loyalty points are reached you will then receive a discount code as follows:

  • 250 Loyalty points for a €5 discount code
  • 500 Loyalty points for a €10 discount code
  • 750 Loyalty points for a €15 discount code
  • 1000 Loyalty points for a €20 discount code

To view your Loyalty points balance please check your “points” balance on your accounts page. For any further information please contact us.