Alpha Lion SuperHuman Scorch


A new breed of “super thermogenic” born to scorch fat like never before†

  • Helps Support Increased Thermogenesis†
  • Helps Promote Elevated Calorie Burning
  • Helps Support Healthy Increased Metabolism
  • Helps Promote Conversion of Fat Into Energy


Alpha Lion SuperHuman Scorch

Stim-Free Rapid Liquid Fat Loss†

Scorch stubborn fat by increasing thermogenesis and burning more calories without extra work. 

Burn2O is the world’s FIRST and ONLY liquid fat burner to combine MitoBurn®, CaloriBurn®, L-Carnitine and GBB into a delicious calorie-free liquid shot, creating a “super thermogenic” that will leave you burning fat faster and longer.

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Grapezilla, Scorch Berry, Shred Berry


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